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We set up a website to share the latest happenings in my family with anyone that may care or find this information mildly interesting.

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I haven't thought about what I'm putting here yet.  Whatever it is it will be good.


Bobby's Golf Swing

Bobby has uploaded is Golf Swing for his PGA Pro to Evaluate

Both Bobby and I highly recommend that if you need to improve your golf swing/game you want to take lessons from PGA Pro - Ray W. Kelm.

Click on Bobby's Golf Swing Link for the details of reaching Ray.

Updated - 7/11/09

Mike's Golf Swing

Not to be outdone by my oldest son... I will be uploading my golf swing for Ray to look at too.  Don't worry Bobby can't see this link.  I filtered out his computer so Bobby only sees a blank white box... he'll never know that I'm secretly working on my game in the background... (evil laugh...)

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I haven't thought about what I'm putting here yet.  Whatever it is it will be even better than what I put in the other column on the left.


Christmas 2008

Some shots of our tree after Santa arrived.  Also, we threw in some shots with Mike using his new snow plow that he put on the lawn tractor.  WARNING - THESE ARE NOT PRETTY PICTURES.

Updated - 12/27/08

December 2008 Ice Storm

Here's how the December 2008 Ice storm affected us... (we were extremely lucky)

Updated - 1/19/09

Our Backup Generator

You've heard me talking about it... now you can see it in action.  We ran a test on January 25th, 2009 and yes, we grabbed some pictures

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The 2 Kittens are now Cats

These 2 ruffians have been growing like weeds.  Here's some updated shots of Dusty and Ichigo

Updated - 02/04/09

House Renovations

After 15 years of living in our home, Tammy and I finally decided to renovate the outside of the house.

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David on Tour

David had another show in November 2008.  Here's some pictures and the video from that sold out performance.  Meanwhile, you can still can enjoy his previous shows.

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2 Kittens join the Family

Tam said she wanted a cat. I agreed... but while I was in the shower she grabbed 2 of these bad boys.  Meet Dusty and Ichigo

Updated 7/6/08.

Mike & The Boys are off to see Iron Maiden - 06/20/08

The tickets are purchased, the limo is booked and all that is left is to wait....

Updated 7/6/08.

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